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Companies of all shapes and sizes use our proofreading services

What's included in our proofreading packages?


We’ll get rid of typography errors and make sure all spellings are consistent with either British English or American English.


We will spot and correct even the subtlest of punctuation errors, from misused hyphens to out-of-place Oxford commas.


Poor grammar is a common by-product of self-editing. We'll make sure your document is easy to understand.


We will review factors like number formatting, acronym reductions and italicisation to make sure they are used consistently throughout.

Document formatting

We’ll check for consistency in terms of font sizes, heading styles, paragraph justification and line spacing.

Two versions

You’ll receive one ‘clean’ version of your document, and another with tracked changes so you can view comments from your editor.

Proofreading Plus


Our advanced stylistic edit includes sharpening up sentence clauses and making sure the text is clear, concise and easy to digest.

Proofreading Plus

Style and tone

We’ll make sure the language you use is suitable for the audience you’re targeting (and showing off your products and services in the best light).

Proofreading Plus


If something’s not quite right, we’ll leave feedback in the document using Microsoft Word’s comment function.

How it works

Pick your package

Choose between our standard proofreading service or a more advanced stylistic edit, depending on your project requirements.

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Once you’re happy with the quote, settle your bill online via our secure payment portal to secure your order.

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Your document will be sent to an editor with expertise in your field – and your perfected document will be with you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the best results?
We will match your project with one of our experienced professional editors, who will use our tried and tested 30-point quality control process to ensure your work is delivered to an exacting standard.
What’s the difference between your core packages?
Our standard commercial proofreading service covers the basics - like spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors – whereas a stylistic edit will address tone, clarity and consistency of your work.
Can I order online?
Yes! There’s no need to speak to one of our sales reps. Upload your document via our website, pay for the service you need, and we’ll let you know when your work is ready to be downloaded.
What are your turnaround times like?
We can work to your deadlines. Just let us know how soon you’ll need the finished work at checkout. We can often deliver professionally proofread documents in as little as 6 hours.
What happens if my work isn’t delivered on time?
It’s very unlikely that our editors won’t be able to deliver to your specific deadline. But if the worst happens, don’t worry - we’ll refund your purchase in full.
How can you offer such affordable rates?
All work is completed by genuine editors – but we’ve developed an automated system that takes the hassle out of finding the right person for the job.

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