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Real feedback from human editors

Get tailored suggestions from genuine, highly qualified editors who care about your success just as much as you do.

Great work is always within reach


Affordable packages & stress-free ordering process

Choose the service level you require based on your specific needs. With our transparent pricing and simple process, improving your manuscript is straightforward and hassle-free.


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We adhere to a rigorous 30-point quality control process to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Your manuscript will be returned to you error-free and ready to be submitted to publishers.

What will your editor correct in your work?

Depending on how thoroughly you need our editors to proofread your document, we offer two different packages: Proofreading and Proofreading Plus.


Misspelt and missing words can often slip through the net of even the best digital spellcheckers. Your editor will carefully check and correct spelling errors, and also amend UK/US spelling variants.


From missing hyphens and rogue Oxford commas to misplaced apostrophes, your editor will make sure that punctuation is correct and consistent throughout your document.


English grammar is notoriously difficult to navigate, especially for non-native English speakers. Your editor will check your sentence structure, word choice and technical syntax to ensure your work is readable and cohesive.


Technical factors such as number formatting, acronym reductions and italicisation will all be reviewed by your editor to make sure the same conventions are used throughout your entire document.

Document formatting

Your editor will correct inconsistencies in font sizes, heading styles, paragraph justification and line spacing, leaving you with a thoroughly treated and correctly formatted document.

Personal feedback

You’ll receive one ‘clean’ version of your document that's ready to print. You'll also get another with tracked changes and comments so you can see detailed feedback from your editor.

Proofreading Plus


As part of our more comprehensive stylistic edit, we’ll make sure your sentences are clear, concise and easy to read—and we’ll get rid of any repeated or unnecessary clauses, too.

Proofreading Plus

Style and tone

We’ll make adjustments to ensure your work is presented in formalised language that’s appropriate to the genre, topic and target audience.

Proofreading Plus


If something’s unclear, we’ll flag up the problem using Microsoft Word’s comment function and ask for more information on the meaning behind the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Proofreading and Proofreading Plus?
If you choose our standard proofreading package, a real human editor will review your work and correct all typos, grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors. Select the Proofreading Plus option If you need a full revision of your work, plus some improvements in the structure, clarity, referencing and language formality. Our pricing is transparent—you’ll receive an instant quote when filling out the order form based on the proofreading treatment required, the length of your document and your desired delivery date.
How many hours does it take to proofread a book?
The time it takes to proofread a book varies depending on several factors, including the book's length, complexity, and the quality of the initial draft. As we offer a bespoke service, we like to let our clients dictate the deadline when placing an order. If you would like a rough idea of how long it would take our editors to review your manuscript, we would personally suggest allowing one day per 5,000 words for the standard proofreading service, and one day per 4,000 words for the Proofreading Plus option.
Can I speak to my editor?
Of course. This is one of the upgrades we offer as part of our service, to foster effective collaboration between you and your editor. Please select this option on the order form if you wish to include this additional service. The call will last up to 30 minutes and you will have ample time to discuss the whole document with your editor.
Upon completion, what do I receive?
You'll receive a professionally reviewed and edited document within the timeframe you specified at the checkout. Your document will be clean, with all modifications clearly visible using the track changes feature to facilitate a smooth review process on your end.
Is your book proofreading service confidential?
Yes, this is one of our guarantees. As a registered business, we are bound by the Data Protection Act and the recent GDPR guidelines. If you would like to go one step further, please provide us with an NDA and our Director will sign this for you.
How can I make payment?
Our primary method is online payment using any major Visa and Mastercard debit or credit card, as well as American Express. We work with Stripe, the world's largest payment ledger, so your payments are always secure with us. Additionally, we provide alternative payment options including bank transfer and cryptocurrency.

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