Detailed Guide on How to Convert Assertive to Exclamatory Sentences


27th June 2024

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Understanding different types of sentences is essential for effective communication and expressive writing. Two significant sentence types are assertive and exclamatory sentences. This blog post provides a detailed explanation of what assertive and exclamatory sentences are, along with a step-by-step guide on how to convert assertive to exclamatory sentences. Additionally, it includes assertive to exclamatory sentence examples with answers, providing a comprehensive resource for mastering this aspect of grammar.

What Are Assertive Sentences?

Assertive sentences, also known as declarative sentences, state facts, opinions, or assertions clearly and directly. They convey information or express thoughts without requiring a response from the listener or reader. Assertive sentences end with a period (full stop).

Assertive Sentence Examples:

  1. The weather is pleasant today.
  2. She completed her homework on time.
  3. They are planning a trip to Italy.
  4. The book was fascinating.
  5. I believe in the power of education.

What Are Exclamatory Sentences?

Exclamatory sentences express strong emotions such as surprise, excitement, joy, anger, or sorrow. They convey a heightened sense of emotion and end with an exclamation mark. Exclamatory sentences often begin with words like ‘how’ or ‘what’ to emphasise the intensity of the feeling being expressed.

Exclamatory Sentence Examples:

  1. What a beautiful day it is!
  2. How well she did on her exam!
  3. What an exciting trip they are planning!
  4. How fascinating the book was!
  5. What a powerful belief in education!

Converting Assertive to Exclamatory Sentences

Converting assertive to exclamatory sentences involves emphasising the emotion conveyed in the statement. This usually requires rephrasing the sentence and adding an exclamation mark. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to convert assertive to exclamatory sentences.

Step 1: Identify the Main Emotion

The first step in converting an assertive sentence to an exclamatory one is to identify the main emotion you want to convey. This could be surprise, joy, admiration, or any other strong feeling.

Assertive Sentence Example:

  • The weather is pleasant today.

Emotion: Admiration

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Exclamatory Structure

To create an exclamatory sentence, decide whether to start with ‘what’ or ‘how’. Use ‘what’ with nouns and ‘how’ with adjectives or adverbs.

Assertive Sentence Example:

  • The weather is pleasant today.

Exclamatory Structures:

  • What a pleasant day it is!
  • How pleasant the weather is today!

Step 3: Rephrase and Add an Exclamation Mark

Rephrase the assertive sentence using the chosen structure and add an exclamation mark at the end to convey the strong emotion.

Assertive to Exclamatory Example:

  • Assertive: The weather is pleasant today.
  • Exclamatory: What a pleasant day it is!

More Assertive to Exclamatory Sentences Examples with Answers

To better understand the conversion process, let’s look at more examples:

  1. Statement of Achievement:
    • Assertive: She completed her homework on time.
    • Exclamatory: How well she completed her homework on time!
  2. Expression of Excitement:
    • Assertive: They are planning a trip to Italy.
    • Exclamatory: What an exciting trip they are planning!
  3. Admiration for a Book:
    • Assertive: The book was fascinating.
    • Exclamatory: How fascinating the book was!
  4. Belief in Education:
    • Assertive: I believe in the power of education.
    • Exclamatory: What a powerful belief in education!
  5. Observation of Talent:
    • Assertive: He is a talented musician.
    • Exclamatory: What a talented musician he is!

Special Cases in Conversion

Negative Sentences

Negative assertive sentences can also be converted into exclamatory sentences. The key is to emphasise the emotion conveyed by the negation.

Assertive Sentence Example:

  • She did not understand the lesson.

Assertive to Exclamatory Example:

  • How poorly she understood the lesson!

Complex Sentences

For complex assertive sentences, focus on the main clause to convert it into an exclamatory sentence. Subordinate clauses can often be included without changing their structure.

Assertive Sentence Example:

  • Although it was difficult, he finished the race.

Assertive to Exclamatory Example:

  • How remarkable it was that he finished the race despite the difficulty!

Practice Exercises

To master converting assertive to exclamatory sentences, practice with the following exercises:

1. Convert the following assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences:

    • The flowers in the garden are beautiful.
    • She was thrilled with her results.
    • The movie was incredibly boring.
    • He plays the guitar skilfully.


  • What beautiful flowers in the garden!
  • How thrilled she was with her results!
  • How incredibly boring the movie was!
  • What a skilful guitar player he is!

2. Formulate exclamatory sentences for the following assertions:

    • The sunset is breathtaking.
    • They worked hard on the project.
    • She is an amazing dancer.
    • The party was a great success.


  • What a breathtaking sunset it is!
  • How hard they worked on the project!
  • What an amazing dancer she is!
  • What a great success the party was!

Importance of Understanding Sentence Types

Understanding different sentence types, including assertive and exclamatory sentences, is crucial for effective communication. Here’s why:

  1. Enhanced Expression: Knowing how to use exclamatory sentences allows you to express emotions vividly, making your speech or writing more engaging.
  2. Improved Writing Skills: Mastering various sentence structures enhances your writing versatility, helping you to convey information and emotions more effectively.
  3. Effective Communication: Different sentence types serve different purposes. Using them appropriately ensures that your message is clear and impactful.


Converting assertive to exclamatory sentences is an essential skill for anyone looking to improve their writing and communication abilities. Assertive sentences provide clear information, while exclamatory sentences add emotional depth and emphasis. By following the steps outlined in this guide—identifying the main emotion, choosing the appropriate structure, and rephrasing the sentence—you can master the art of creating impactful exclamatory sentences.

Practice regularly with various assertive sentences to become proficient in this conversion. Whether you’re a student, a writer, or a professional, understanding how to effectively use assertive and exclamatory sentences will enhance your communication skills and make your language more dynamic and expressive.

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