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We work with hundreds of blue-chip companies around the world, often on commercially sensitive documents. Names such as Ricoh and ExxonMobil put their trust in us to ensure the quality of their writing. Our business editors are a rare breed, having both top-level commercial experience and the highest standards of written English.

We offer two levels of service, depending on the level of support you require:


Your editor will:

  • Correct all spelling mistakes
  • Correct all grammar mistakes
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct all typographical errors

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On-Site Proofreading 

We understand that in certain circumstances, some organisations may not wish for files to leave their premises.

We can supply proofreaders to work from your premises, depending on your location and the size of your requirements.

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Copy & Language Editing

Your editor will:

  • Correct all spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Correct all typographical errors
  • Ensure that the vocabulary is appropriate for your target audience
  • Ensure that the overall tone of the text is right for your brand
  • Improve the focus and clarity of the writing
  • Ensure the consistent and correct use of technical terms
  • Ensure that the text complies with your house style guide, if you have one
  • Improve layout and presentation.

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Suitable for

  • Documents and reports
  • Presentations
  • Company Reports
  • Brochures and marketing materials
  • Web sites and any other online presence
Whichever service you choose, our editors always provide a copy of the document with Track Changes. This facility shows all text and formatting changes in colour so that you can clearly see the work that has been done.


No matter what business you're in, accurate, well-written documents are essential. Sloppily written, error-strewn text, whether in a technical white paper, a bid document, a product proposal or a company report, will erode the authority of the writer and undermine the confidence of the reader.

In business, the stakes can be high: losing the confidence of your reader can mean losing a major contract. A document that exudes authority, attention to detail and trustworthiness can be just what is required to secure major investment.

Our proofreading services for business will help you to get your writing exactly right, no matter what it relates to. Our editors have extensive business experience, so put your documents in the hands of people who can really make a difference.