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We have provided proofreading and editorial services for thousands of students over the years. We have academic editors for all subjects offered by UK universities. An edit or proofread by will ensure that your essays, dissertations and research papers are written to the highest academic standards.

We offer two levels of service, depending on the level of support you require:


Your editor will:

  • Correct all spelling mistakes
  • Correct all grammar mistakes
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct all typographical errors.

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Copy & Language Editing

Your editor will:

  • Correct all spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Correct all typographical errors
  • Ensure that the vocabulary is suitable for academic writing
  • Ensure that the text is in good academic English style
  • Improve the focus and clarity of your sentences
  • Improve the flow of your argument
  • Improve the layout and presentation
  • Ensure that references and bibliography are correctly formatted.

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Suitable for

  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Research Proposals
  • PhD Thesis
  • Journal Papers
Whichever service you choose, our editors always provide a copy of the document with Track Changes. This facility shows all text and formatting changes in colour, so that you can clearly see the work that has been done.

If you've ever written a lengthy piece of work such as a dissertation or thesis, you'll know from experience how hard it is to see mistakes in your own writing: the brain sees what you intended to type, not what you actually did type. So it's essential to hand your work over to someone else who can spot and remove those errors for you.

But you need to be careful who you hand your work over to - not everyone has the high standards of written English and the attention to detail required. That's where a professional service really makes the difference.  An expert professional editor can transform a poorly written, error-laden text into a document that's fit for publication.

Academic writing is, of course, often highly specialised. We have editors with PhDs in all the major academic disciplines; many of them are still working in academia and are up to date with the latest research in their field. So we're confident that, whatever your specialism, we'll find someone who speaks your language.

A professional proofreading service isn't only for lengthy pieces of work such as a dissertation or PhD thesis. Indeed, a good editor will produce remarkable results in the short form of an essay, transforming woolly, unimpressive writing into a lucidly articulated argument. For a university essay, this can make the difference to the grade you receive.