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How do we get started? Can you help?

Certainly, just click on the 'Get Instant Quote' button near the top of any page, and complete our very simple order form. There is no obligation to commit, and no payment details will be collected: this is simply the most effective way for us to gather all of the necessary details. Once this form is in our system, one of our support staff will contact you to clarify any questions and assess your requirements. If you wish to speak to someone beforehand, our friendly support team can guide you through the process and answer any questions. Our London office number is 0207 391 9063.
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What background and specialisations do your editors have?

Our substantial network of expert editors means that we are normally able to assign a specialist with experience within your field. This network includes many professors, lecturers, PhD holders and leading professionals in areas such as economics, all business sectors, law, medicine, media, the sciences and others besides.
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How can we be sure of the quality of the work?

The main reason why our service differs from other editing companies is our unique commitment to providing only the highest levels of assistance. We recruit editors who hold the highest qualifications from Russell Group Universities. Our editors for business, public service and NGO work have a minimum of five years' proven history in business proofreading and editing.
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Is my information safe with you?

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, and your personal details will not be passed on to your editor. We do not store, re-sell or re-publish any written material, and we will not pass your work or your details on to any third party. Our office staff and our editors sign legally binding confidentiality agreements.
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My work is focused in a specialised subject area. How do I know you will be able to edit it correctly?

We have experts covering all major and minor subject studied at UK universities and schools. This range extends to many areas of postgraduate and postdoctoral research, and across most sectors of industry. By having a large team of editors we are able to find the most suitable expert for 90% of orders within one hour, while complex or unusual requests may take up to 24 hours. Through our different levels of editing service you can select from a range of available editors, and our friendly support team can guide you through the process, and offer advice on the best course of action.
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If I have questions about the edited document, how do I ask the editor?

We try to keep the whole process as transparent and fluid as possible, quickly forwarding any questions that you or your editor may have and directing the responses back to the relevant person. Before we begin any order process you will be contacted by one of our support staff to go through the exact details and specifications of your order. We also have an office in central London where you are more than welcome to come and visit to discuss your project face-to-face. Usually for larger projects it is possible to meet with your editor, subject to their availability.
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What method of checking is used?

In the first place, by listening carefully to your exact requirements we are able to find you the most suitable editor. Further, the work is also checked by our Quality Control department once it has returned from the editor, before it is sent on to you. Once you receive your document, if there is anything you are unhappy with please let us know and we will be happy to complete any alterations in line with your original requests.
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Does the cost vary according to the text?

The costs do vary according to the requirements of the edit, the nature of the document, and the specificity of the subject area.  For more advanced and technical reviews, requiring the reader to have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, the editor will need to have particular qualifications and therefore the price will be higher than for a simple language check that only requires an English language expert.
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How long will it take to edit my documents?

We offer a range of delivery options to you, including a same-day and next day service. Should you need a rapid delivery, or wish to accelerate your delivery time, then this can usually be accommodated, depending on the size of the document. These options can be found on our detailed order form.
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Can I see the editor's changes?

You will be able to see clearly all of the amendments made to your document, as you will be sent one version showing Track Changes. This facility shows all text and formatting changes in colour so that you can clearly see the changes your editor has made. Marginal comments may show suggestions or questions from the editor if anything is unclear. We will also send you a clean version of the document with these changes removed for your convenience.
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