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We're the UK's leading provider of proofreading and editing services to business and the public sector.

Based in Central London, offers a matchless proofreading and editing service to businesses, public sector organisations and academics from all over the world.

We recognise the need to provide our customers with proofreading and editing options tailored to their specific, individual need, so you'll be assigned an editor with specialist experience of your area of work.They'll speak your language – they'll just write it better!

We understand better than anyone the importance of good quality, error-free writing. Mistakes in documents undermine the reader's confidence not just in the material itself, but in the person or people behind it.

When that document is as important as a corporate bid document, your company's annual report, or your PhD Thesis, the consequences can be devastating.

You can rely on our editors to make sure that your writing is not only error-free, but also conveys exactly what you want it to say – right down to the tone of voice.

We prefer our specialist academic editors to hold a PhD from a Russell Group University. If their particular subject area is not appropriate for this qualification, we require an equivalent level.

Our corporate and public body editors must have a minimum of five years' proven track record in business proofreading and editing.

Our editors will speak your language – they'll just write it better...

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